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Who are the top Puerto Rican boxing prospects in 2020 ?

( photo credit: Mikey Williams / Top Rank )

Ever since we’ve had the honor and privilege to interview top boxing prospect, Xander Zayas on the “EnVivo!” Podcast [ Episode #18], and he mentioned that several exciting, young fighters from PR will be the new wave of talent representing Puerto Rico in boxing. He had us all optimistic on what the future holds for PR boxing. Now while the "EnVivo!" Podcast crew was extremely happy to hear this great news directly from the future boxing phenom from PR in our interview. Later we all started thinking is there really a wave of talent ?

I was personally still a bit pessimistic so, we all decided to do some more research, and we learned about even more talented fighters from Puerto Rico. We learned even more than we ever expected to find. So, the "EnVivo!" Podcast crew decided to review some of these young, exciting fighters out of PR and try to make our best attempts to rank the top five Puerto Rican boxing prospects in 2020 based on their overall potential. Crazy, right ?

Well, while we know that they'll be a lot of debate on the fighter's names, and we'll be questioned on why some fighters weren't mentioned. We're actually really looking forward to the debate. We anticipate we're going to be debating for years, and years. It's a list that will be constantly evolving. That all being said. Here we go...

We’re actually going to cover all these outstanding fighters in this article and many more on our next “EnVivo!” Podcast [ Episode #26].

We’re also very honored to have the very knowledgeable and passionate Mr. Willy Ortiz of Cano Loco Sports to join in the spirited conversation as our special guest host. It’s sure to be an extremely entertaining conversation for sure.

Here is the fighter we have at number five, Joseph "Blessed Hands" Adorno in the [Lightweight] division with a record of [ 14W – 0L – 1D, 12Kos]. At only 20 years old, Joseph is a three-year pro. A sensational prospect at 130 pounds, he was an amateur standout before his pro debut. He is co-managed and co-trained by his father, Anibal Adorno, and future HOF Trainer Robert Garcia. Even though, Joseph received the draw in his last outing you can't deny his unbelievable talent in the ring. A very slick and skilled boxer with the ring IQ to match his natural athletic gifts.

He's an absolute star on the rise!

Checkout these highlights from this extremely gifted is Joseph "Blessed Hands" Adorno.

At number four we have the extremely explosive [Super Featherweight], Abraham “El Super” Nova [17-0, 13 Kos], 25, who is managed by Split-T Management, has been fighting on Murphy’s Boxing cards in New England, as well as having had several fights in Belgium. He will get much more deserved exposure now that he is with Top Rank Promotions. "Abraham Nova is simply a very talented fighter with big knockout power. "El Super" Nova is must watch TV for sure, and we expect his name to continue to climb the rankings in 2020 and beyond.

Check this fight from Abraham “El Super” Nova in action against Garriga back in 2016 .

At number three we have, Jeremy “Magic Hands” Adorno [ 2W – 0L,1KOs] in the Super Bantamweight division. He fights out of the southpaw stance and has extremely fast hands with unbelievable potential overall. Everything screams star when you watch this young man fight. He's the entire package, and at only 18 years old you know great things are ahead for this young lion. He's just a flat out boxer with power in both hands, and has a knack for throwing perfectly thrown precision punches with ease.

Check these unbelievable highlights from Jeremy “Magic Hands” Adorno to see why we’re just so high on this young man.

At number two we have the 21-year-old Edgar Berlanga, the power-punching middleweight prospect fighting in an orthodox stance who boasts a remarkable record of 13-0 with 13 first-round knockouts. This fighter has unbelievable talent with an amazing team behind him in, Trainer Andre Rozier to help take him to the top. All his fights are must watch action. Trust us just stop whatever you're doing and watch this kid fight when he's on TV. Don’t blink either because you’ll probably miss all of the action. This young man has yet to even see the 2nd round making quick work of all his opponents.

Here is a quote from the bright, young star from his fight last December on the Crawford vs Mean Machine under card:

“It's a blessing to fight at MSG, my second time-fighting in the big room," Berlanga said. "I've had a few opponents who were supposed to take me rounds and I've knocked them out in the first round. I'm ready to go those rounds, so let's see if he can handle my power.”

Check these unreal highlights from this hard-hitting prospect, Edgar Berlanga.

Finally, at our number one ranked Puerto Rican prospect as of today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, we have, Xander Zayas Castro [ 3W – 0L,2KOs]. Come on was there really any doubt who number one would be ? The young welterweight phenom born in San Juan, Puerto Rico had a extremely impressive amateur career that spanned from 2007 to 2018 he had more than 130 bouts, winning eleven national championship tournaments including the 2018 U.S. Youth National Championships [ CRAZY! ] fighting out of S.W.E.A.T Boxing Gym in Davie, Florida lead by Coach Javiel Centeno . Xander Zayas is the youngest fighter in boxing history to ever to sign a contract with Hall-of-Fame promoter Bob Arum’s company, Top Rank Inc. Xander, can simply do it all in the ring and considering how young he is there really is no limit on what he can achieve in boxing. There is no doubt in our minds that, Xander Zayas will be a absolute superstar in boxing for many years, and to think he's only 17 years old is just mind boggling.

Check these unbelievable highlights from, Xander Zayas to see why we’re so high on this ultra-talented young man. Enjoy!

Before you go here is another amazing young fighter on the honorable mention list. We have , Abimael Ortiz with the record of [ 8W – 0L – 1D,4KOs] an exceptional super bantam out of Cidra, Puerto Rico shows amazing footwork in the ring and fast hands. We'll definitely talk more about him on the podcast. There are just so many talented fighters coming out of Puerto Rico right now. This may be a brand new golden era in Puerto Rican boxing or maybe it isn't.

Again, there is just so much talent to cover we will do our best to discuss in the show in much greater detail. While I am high on all of these fighters I've listed. I'm still not as high on them as everyone else on the team, as I'm still a bit pessimistic on if these fighter will ever reach the pinnacles of professional boxing. You never though. We'll see...

I just know I can't wait to debate my brothers on this so, please join us.

Don’t miss it! It's going to be fun.

We’re going to discuss all these fighters and more exciting fighters in even more detail on “EnVivo!” Podcast [ Episode #26] dropping later this week.

- Sean " El Gringo" Hicks

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