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Tyson Fury - The man who would be KING...

( photo credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank)

After many years of boxing all over the world, Tyson Fury aka “ The Gypsy King” had finally arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyson Fury didn’t disappoint putting on quite a performance in his Las Vegas debut at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last Saturday against Tom Schwarz of Germany.

The # 1 ranked heavyweight in the world per “Ring Magazine” and, the Lineal heavyweight champion, was fighting in his first fight under a massive $100 million co-promotional deal with Top Rank and ESPN. He also put on an absolute boxing clinic against the unheralded Tom Schwarz ( who currently held the WBO Intercontinental heavyweight title), and was unbeaten until he was stopped by Tyson Fury via a second-round TKO. Only weeks after the Anthony Joshua versus Andy Ruiz Jr massive upset in Madison Square Garden. The word upset was mentioned a lot prior to the fight between Fury and Schwarz. Even at the weigh-in, Tom Schwarz went on stage eating a snickers bar hoping to maybe capture some of that Andy Ruiz Jr “Upset Magic”. Ahhhh...No!

Tyson Fury was having none of it on Saturday night. Fury simply just handled his business inside the ring with exceptional precision combinations, and by evading wild punches from Schwarz at will and countering with heavy shots that badly bloodied the nose of Schwarz (27-1-1, 19 KOs).

( photo credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank)

Fury simply overwhelmed and outclassed Tom Schwarz from the first bell with body movement, slick combinations, and by switching to southpaw in Round 2 and, Fury really began to sit down on his punches. A perfectly landed left uppercut that completely stunned, Schwarz and allowed Fury to dance along the ropes, and give his best (Neo from the Matrix) impression. (Which may now also be one of the greatest boxing gifs of 2019, and that’s definitely saying something.)

(Image courtesy of Top Rank Twitter)

Fury then dropped Schwarz with a brilliant two-punch combo along the ropes. This put an end to Tom Schwarz’s boxing lesson for the night. Tyson Fury completely dominating Tom Schwarz wasn’t really a surprise to anyone. That's not really the story here for me. Its the show that Tyson Fury put on when the fight ended. Tyson Fury was just as entertaining after the fight, and it definitely lasted a lot longer than the actual fight.

As a true fan of the sport of boxing, and one who absolutely cherishes its rich history. I was at first really taken aback by legendary fight promoter Bob Arum comparing, Tyson Fury to Mohammed Ali outside of the ring regarding how, Tyson Fury speaks directly to the fans, and all of his charm and charisma. Now after watching hours and hours of interview footage and reading hundreds of sometimes very serious or sometimes just insanely funny quotes from, Tyson Fury. I totally get it now. I'm an American and, I’m still not 100% sure what a “big dosser” is. All I know is it completely cracks me up every time, Tyson Fury says it to someone. I also greatly admire the stance that Tyson Fury has on the challenges people face daily with mental health, and his openness with his own bouts with mental illness and depression. He's almost become a sort of Ambassador to help create more awareness regarding mental health issues. How can you not respect that and be totally supportive ?

( photo credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank)

Whether its Tyson Fury serenading his wife Paris inside the ring with an a cappella version of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing." I’m not going to lie I completely turned the volume down, but it was still entertaining. Come on I mean Tyson Fury, made sure to entertain all night long, by including an over the top ring walk that saw him wear Apollo Creed's red, white and blue robe, trunks from "Rocky IV" complete with the “Uncle Sam” top hat ,showgirls and James Brown's "Living in America." In the post-fight interview ( with Bernado Osuna of ESPN), Tyson Fury said. "The key tonight was to enjoy myself."

( photo credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank)

That quote from, Tyson Fury kinda says it all to me, and I guess that’s kinda my point with this article. When I’m watching, Tyson Fury I know I’m watching more than just an extremely talented boxer, but also a rising global superstar. Some people just have that "it" factor. Oh, and his boxing IQ and skills in the ring are absolutely exceptional. The heavyweight division is in the best place it’s been in decades. While I totally respected and appreciate the Klitschko brothers era. I don’t miss it at all...

The top four men, no correction, the top four kings of the heavyweight division are all easy to root for, have amazing personal stories, and are all dynamite inside of the ring. That said as we all know you can only have one true king. That's why I feel when the dust has finally settled the one that will be standing as the unified heavyweight champion of the world will be Tyson Fury aka “The Gypsy King” aka “ The King of Las Vegas” aka “ The King of the Boxing ” ...

( photo credit: Mikey Williams - Top Rank)

Sean Hicks

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