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Steve Rolls chances versus GGG Breakdown

Rick Madonik/Getty Images

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

The wait is over. Hes’ back! After his unanimous decision win late last year over

KeAndre Leatherwood, Steve Rolls (19-0 10 KO’s) returns to action!

At least that’s how Genaddy “GGG” Golovkin (38-1-1 34 KO’s) sees it. “I’m very

cautious and very respectful of my opponent as a professional.” he stated in

today's press conference. “It’s very serious so I really understand it’s a dangerous

situation, and I’m conscious of that.” Refusing to even entertain a third bout with

you know who. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

HIGHLIGHTS | GGG vs. Rolls Final Press Conference -

courtesy of DAZN (You Tube)

The urgency of Rolls is not lost on GGG’s new head trainer, Jonathan Banks. “I

think it’s going to be a very interesting match up, because with Steve Rolls, he’s

fighting for his chance to a new life,” Banks stated. “And that never should be

overlooked. It’s the same thing I said about two weeks ago about Andy Ruiz.

When I was asked that I said, ‘I just hope Joshua is focused and ready to go

because Andy Ruiz is fighting for his life’.’’

Last Saturdays upset is rightfully still fresh on everyone’s mind, serving as a

reminder of how “one punch away” is not just used for cliche purposes. One can

argue, and I will, that the first upset of the summer was actually Jarrett Hurd

losing his unified IBF/IBO/WBA Championship belts to Julian “J-Rock” Williams in

Mid-May. Judging from the added lean muscle, all this is not lost on Team GGG.

A lead-in promotional video distributed by DAZN says “nothing is scarier than the

unknown.” Acknowledging Steve Rolls relative obscurity to fight fans. Count me in

among those needing Google when news of GGG’s opponent was first

announced. But stranger no more, after studying the Canadians game tape. Here

are some of his strengths and weakness as this scribe sees it.


*Big: The fight is being contested at a catch-weight of 164lb. Rolls was eye to

eye with Golovkin during face offs.

*Physical inside game. Very bruising blows with active hands. The problem

will be trying to work inside one of the stiffest and overall best jabs In the


*Endurance: Both of his last two fights went the distance.


* Flat Footed: not very active in the foot department. Plodding moves from

one corner to the other.

*Erratic in exchanges. Leaves punches very wide at times. Much like a green

19-0 fighter will.

*Slow Jab. Especially to the body. Old school GGG walks right through similar

jabs. Working GGG’s abdomen will be a risky affair for Rolls, leaving himself

wide open for a counter GGG.

*Big Fight Experience. Only three fights removed from sharing the ring with

an 8-4 opponent. Step-up is a severe understatement for Rolls. Nothing on

his resume indicates being ready for one of boxing's pound for pound


The Pick:

Steve Rolls will share the same dressing room at Madison Square Garden, Andy

Ruiz Jr. occupied prior to his upset win. That’s about all Rolls will have in common

with Andy. Slick power fighters have proven to give GGG fits. His patented

“Mexican Style” turned “Cautious style” in his two bouts with Canelo and Daniel

Jacobs. He won’t have that problem with Rolls. The last 3 opponents Rolls

stopped had a combined 27-15-1 with one, Emmanuel Sanchez, retiring on his

stool due to stomach cramps. Rolls being flat-footed is tailor made for someone

who cuts the ring off as well as GGG. Early stoppage-tailor-made. Golovkin will

arrive on DAZN with a bang and will have no choice but to entertain questions

pertaining to a bout with a more experienced ginger opponent, Saul “Canelo”


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