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Robert Tapia: Life Coach

Story originally appeared on on April 4, 2015

Everyone has a life story. Boxing is filled with dynamic fighters with larger then life personalities, shrewd business men and wealthy promoters that get most of the attention in the media and from boxing fans. Yet there are also so many people that you don’t always see or ever hear about that help keep the sport going forward. Even though these unique individuals keep a low profile and stay out of the limelight. It’s these dedicated individuals that truly embody the essence of what makes boxing more than just another sport but a way of life.

One of these unsung heroes is Mr. Roberto Tapia from El Paso, Texas. Roberto who goes by Robert is a proud member of the Tapia legendary boxing family out of El Paso, Texas and New Mexico. The Tapia family that helped produce the infamous Johnny Tapia one of boxing’s most popular and beloved warriors to ever lace up the gloves. Robert who left his family and friends in El Paso to pursue his true passions of being involved in boxing, mma and support the community decided to move to Austin on a leap of faith. Robert found a great opportunity working for the TDLR for over 11 years as the Event Coordinator for boxing & mma under Mr. Dickie Cole's tenure. Robert really learned a lot while he was with the TDLR and is very appreciative of his time there. He gives Dickie Cole a lot of credit and respect for all that he learned as they work together over so many years. Robert even shared with me his favorite Dickie Cole quote regarding making money in boxing. “ You want to know how to have a small fortune in boxing ? You start out with a big one !” Still all good things must come to an end and after over a decade in his role as decided to take another leap of faith to devote even more time to his true calling mentoring the young fighters and promoter in the community that he has grown to love so much.

Robert retired in January of this year to start a new and exciting chapter in his professional career as a private consultant for boxing / mma promoters in Texas. Robert also runs his own gym in Round Rock, Texas which is north of Austin. Robert opened the Robert Tapia School of Boxing six years ago. He's literally built it from the ground up building the structure with his own two hands with support from family, friends and a course the young men he trains like Marco Salis & Cesar Martinez helped build the gym too. Robert wants both Marco Salis & Cesar Martinez and all of his fighters to learn the fight game and understand that there are no short cuts or hand outs in life or boxing. Robert wants to teach them on not only how to become better fighters but how to become men and quality citizens in their community. Robert is motivated by helping the youth and being apart of their lives as a positive influence.

Robert is excited by the increased popularity of the sport globally with more free network television exposure and casual fan interest on the rise but he has some reservations because too many promotional feuds have tainted the sweet science at times from certain big fights happening stunting it's popularity growth. Robert isn't overly excited by the mega fight on May, 2nd between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. When I asked why he simply responded “ Mayweather is going to give him a boxing lesson !” & “ It should have happened 5 years ago. “ He's much more excited by potential all-action fights like James Kirkland vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez who fight in Houston, Texas the following week.

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