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Robert Tapia: A simple rule of A.B.C...

I have finally been able to catch up with one of the unsung heroes in Texas boxing. Mr. Roberto Tapia the proud El Paso native who goes by Robert, and who is also a member of the legendary Tapia boxing family out of El Paso, Texas and New Mexico. The same boxing family that produced the boxing phenom, Johnny Tapia.

It's only taken four short years for me to catch up with Robert again, but who is counting. Seriously, all jokes aside that is what happens when you're trying to catch up with one of the busiest men in boxing today. It is funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. I last spoke to him back on April 4th of 2015 about his commitments to his Family, Faith, and the Fight game. All those things remain at the center of what motivates, Robert every single day to do his absolute best.

When we last met with, Robert we discussed the Robert Tapia School of Boxing . The gym was established over a decade ago in Round Rock, Texas and is still in operation today, but it's no longer run by, Robert anymore. Robert does still visit the gym often. He's since sold the gym that he built from the ground up with his young fighters like, Cesar Martinez. Cesar is one of the young people, Robert was training and mentoring who is now working for the Texas Boxing Commission. Robert is extremely proud of, Cesar and what he's done with his life.

"I'm very proud of, Cesar!" I can't even put it into words." He's a really good kid!" You could truly hear the pride and joy in, Robert's voice. Robert is constantly motivated by helping the youth in his community and being apart of their lives as a positive influence.

I asked, Robert why do you give so much of your time. "It is just who I am. " People say I'm the dumbest guy in the business. You should charge more".

Robert isn't helping the people in his community to become wealthy, but he's doing it because he truly loves people. Robert says he's had great support in his life like former Texas Boxing Commissioner, Mr. Dickie Cole and the current Texas Boxing Commissioner, Mr. Greg Alvarez. Both men played significant roles helping, Robert truly understand the boxing game. The knowledge they both shared allowed, Robert to educate the community he loves so very much about the sweet science.

"I have so much respect for both of them. They both taught me so much about boxing..."

- Robert on Mr. Dickie Cole and Mr. Greg Alvarez"

Speaking of passing on his knowledge to others, Robert is excited by his latest venture working with promoters from around the great state of Texas like Triple-A Promotions out of Laredo, Texas. Also, Underwood Promotions out of Austin, Texas.

Most recently over the last six months, Robert Tapia is excited to be working with the highly respected Coach Nunez with Supreme Boxing Promotions out of San Antonio, Texas. Robert feels San Antonio is perfect for hosting boxing events.

" It hasn't always been the case, but San Antonio is a really great fight town! " - Robert Tapia

Coach Rick Nunez another man with a great passion for boxing and his community.

"He doesn't even charge gym fees to any of the kids that fight for him." - Robert Tapia on Coach Nunez .

They both have a huge event this weekend which I will personally be covering representing www, The details are listed below about this AMAZING event. I've always admired those that truly love to share their knowledge with others in their community.

That seems to be the mantra of, Mr. Robert Tapia. The simple rule of A.B.C. Always be coaching. Always be committed. Always be caring...

- Sean Hicks

Supreme Boxing Promotions presents Saturday Night Live! A night of action-packed live professional boxing!

About this Event

Supreme Boxing Promotions is excited to present this live action-packed event full of amazing fighters ready to showcase their talents in the ring. General Admission ticket seats are on a first come first serve basis. You may arrive early for seating, doors will open at 5:30 with the first fight starting at 7:30 PM. Food and Beer will be available for you to purchase, see you there!!

Upgraded seats available for more info please contact Rick Nunez & Robert Tapia with Supreme Boxing Promotions @

(210) 605-8933 or email:

(210) 723-2097 or email:

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