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RECAP: Ernesto Delgadillo vs Jade Bornea - "What happened exactly ?"

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Last night on UFC Fight Pass, Ernesto "Pooky" Delgadillo, from the same hood (LedBetter, West Dallas, TX!!) as our very own, Hopper Dominguez, was on the wrong end of a split decision. With the vacant NABF Super Flyweight title at stake in the main event, Jade Bornea (15-0 10KOs) squeaked out a 96-93 X2 in his favor and the other 96-93 for Delgadillo. 

Nip and tuck close fight with both warriors displaying the grit Roy Jones Jr. Promotions is all about. As is often the case in boxing, the scorecards have caused controversy for several reasons. 

First we must acknowledge who the referee in this bout was, none other than Championship Level official Jack Reiss. No stranger to high atmosphere bouts! (See Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury.) Mr. Reiss ruled a knockdown scored by Delgadillo on Bornea by way of a counter right cross in the sixth round. After the standard 8 second count the action commenced, Reiss making Bornea aware his glove touched the canvas.

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I placed a call to the Yakama Nation Athletic Commission, who was overseeing this fight. I'm very curious to see the judges round-by-round scorecards to do a complete analysis. No response yet but I'll definitely keep bugging. If the knockdown was not respected as the commentators mentioned post fight, more questions and controversy will arise. 

The 96-93 scorecard is how I had the fight. Six rounds to four in favor of Ernesto Delgadillo.  Subtract the 1 point deduction from Bornea for the knockdown. I felt Delgadillo was effective from either range landing crisper combinations while defending extremely well. Completely negating what was seemingly a Bornea strength coming into this fight: his body punching. 

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The 96-93 scorecards for Bornea are troubling. Two judges had him winning 7 rounds to 3 deducting a point for the knockdown totaling 96 to Delgadillo's three rounds won (93). Per their scorecard. Hard to fathom Bornea winning 7 clean rounds which is why I want to see the round by round scorecards.

Stay tuned as I await a response from the Commission. 

- Hopper

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