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No place like "HOME." - Coach Christine Lopez

There are so many great boxing gyms from all over the world with phenomenal stories and incredible history. Texas Select Boxing Club in Garland, Texas is absolutely no exception. 

Texas Select Boxing Club which is located at 1918 E Miller Rd, Garland, TX 75041 led by Coach Christine Lopez Team U.S.A Boxing Coach and founder / owner of [ In the Ring with Christine] and her husband Chef Jahaziel Lopez followed their hearts, passion for boxing and love of community to open their very own dream gym. That dream gym finally became a reality on 06/30/2007 which was also Coach Christine’s birthday.

Coach Christine and Chef Jahaziel Lopez really wanted to make sure that such a special place had an equally unique and meaningful name. 

Coach Christine and Chef Jahaziel Lopez wanted a name to help capture their Texas pride along with letting the world know they were the best of the best in boxing and would help their kids have a name they could take great pride in too. The idea of adding [Select] and [Club] in the name only made sense and that came from the premier soccer leagues in Europe. 

They ultimately envisioned creating a gym that was more than just a place to get physically fit and prepare for their next big fight. 

Coach Christine and Chef Jahaziel Lopez wanted their gym to be more like a safe haven in the community. They wanted to give the youth and young adults a place they

could feel they were truly valued and loved. 

“We didn't focus on building world champs necessarily but building champs in life.” 

- Coach Christine Lopez 

While creating boxing champions in the ring wasn’t the primary goal. Texas Select Boxing Club soon became a house of champions. Many, many champions and championships  actually. 

Several unbelievably talented amateur national champions and future pros worked on perfecting their craft their like [ Earnastine Wesley,  Chris Jones, Dacia Villa , Jordan Jones, Kameron  Jones,  Micheal Simmons , Noah Jones and Freddy Rojas ] .

So many amazing memories have been created at Texas Select Boxing Club over the years. One of the proudest moments for Coach Christine and Chef Jahaziel Lopez is when past boxers call back years later thanking them for changing there lives for the better. 

“Also having a kid start with us and the kid comes back as an adult and than becomes a volunteer coach for us is extremely rewarding” - Coach Christine Lopez 

“Even with all of the amazing success our fighters have had in the ring. The hope is that people see the need and value in what we do for each person that walks through our doors."

- Coach Christine Lopez 

The number one goal for Coach Christine and Chef Jahaziel Lopez will forever and always be creating better individuals in the community one person at a time. 

When asking, Coach Christine how would you describe your gym in one word. She simply responded “Home”.

I can’t think of a better word that embodies what any gym should strive to be. 

There is no place like home, and you can always go home unless home is unfortunately no longer there... 

Texas Select Boxing Club is a non profit and would love the support of the community they’ve helped support for so many years. They would love nothing more than to continue supporting the community that means so much to them for many more years to come.

If you’re able to assist please contact. 

Texas Select Boxing Club at 

  • Cashapp: $christine63070

  • Currently selling [ In the Ring with Christine ] mask for $8.00 donation plus shipping and handling. 

- Sean Hicks 

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