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No ordinary fighter - Jordan Jones

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

[ images: Jordan Jones Instagram ]

I recently had the absolute honor and privilege to catch up with one of the “EnVivo!” Podcast crew’s favorite fighters. Yes, none other than Mr. Jordan “God’s Son” Jones fighting out of Dallas, Texas. We caught up with, Jordan on a recent phone interview.

Jordan, 29 yrs [ 4W - 0L - 1D ] who is currently fighting at 140lbs. and isn’t intimidated by anyone or anything inside or outside of the ring.

Jordan stands 5’8” and fights in an orthodox stance. Jordan has an extremely aggressive boxing style that any boxing fan would love. Jordan likes to comes forward throwing punches in bunches to help force the action. Jordan also has a vicious left hook to really breakdown his opponents.

Once you see, Jordan in the ring you’ll see exactly why he’s one of our favorites to watch.

Jordan is currently fighting under the [ Mikey Garcia Promotions ] banner and he also works as private armed security to help protect his community and support his beloved family.

Jordan proudly shared he’s recently been promoted at his private armed security position. You couldn't help but hear the pride in Jordan’s voice while he shared the good news.

Since the gyms have re-opened in Texas, Jordan has been working tirelessly in his family's gym [ Texas Select Boxing Club] in Garland, Texas. The gym is owned by his mother and stepfather, Coach Christine and Jahaziel Lopez. Even during the pandemic lock down, Jordan has remained focused and ready to return to the ring. Jordan has been staying in shape with lots of shadow boxing, road work, and intense cardio workouts.

[ images: Jordan Jones Instagram ]

Since we hadn’t spoken to, Jordan since his brutal battle with Ben “The Hill” Gurment, 27 yrs [ 1W - 0L -2D] that ended in a controversial draw decision. The fight was easily fight of the night with all of intense back and forth action. The fight took place back on Friday, 2/28/2020 on the [ Mikey Garcia Promotions ] card in Irving, Texas.

I really wanted to know was there any serious talks of a rematch. Jordan wasn’t holding anything back on his thoughts on the fight.

Jordan shared he definitely feels he won the fight against, Gurment. He didn’t agree with that draw decision at all but is open to doing a rematch later this year for the fans.

[ images: Jordan Jones Instagram ]

“I already beat him. What would I gain? To show I have more balls? I already won. [ Mikey Garcia Promotions ] called me the following week after the fight about doing the rematch. After talking it over with my team we decided to wait on the immediate rematch. Instead, we’re going to build up the fight even more. We’re both going to fight on the same cards and get some more wins. Then hopefully the rematch between us will be for a belt.”

- Jordan Jones

When I mentioned we interviewed Ben right after the fight, Ben said he wanted the rematch to be six rounds.

Jordan calmly responded “ A title fight would be eight rounds so... I’m not worried.”

- Jordan Jones

[ images: Jordan Jones Instagram ]

I also asked Jordan if he had any thoughts on the current state of the world right now with the protest and looting going on. He simply responded. “ I’m definitely for the protest, and absolutely against any looting or destroying of property. I love my city.” - Jordan Jones

You can tell Jordan has a sharp mind for business. When I asked him if he had any more shirts for sale or merchandise the tone of the entire call changed. It was like I was speaking to another person. First, I was talking to Jordan the fighter than it was, Jordan the salesman. It all happened faster than a Jordan Jones left hook to the body. I was temporarily stunned, but I got my composure to complete the interview.

You could hear the pure joy in Jordan's voice as he talked about his shirts and merchandise. Jordan was deep in salesman mode hardcore at this point. There was no turning back. Jordan also made a point to say he’s still utilizing the same merchants to make the shirts because he’s always extremely loyal.

Speaking of loyalty Jordan spoke highly about all of the love and support from all of his team and fans. Especially, [ Mikey Garcia Promotions ], Coach Knuckles Gaitan, Hector Vasquez, his parents, siblings, and most importantly his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jordan is a very talented boxer, devoted to his family, community and most importantly to, Jordan he's God's son.

Jordan takes great pride in who he is and his faith.

So often in boxing, all of the fighter's background stories have started to all sound very similar. Everyone is speaking in quotes and cliches. It feels like they're all telling you what they think you want to hear playing it safe. It is like no one is truly genuine anymore. Rarely in sports do you hear anyone speak open and honestly. No one shares anything out of the ordinary or anything remotely unique regarding who they truly are as a fighter and as a person.

Well, trust me that isn't the case with Jordan “God’s Son” Jones. Not just a winner in the ring, but a winner in life, and he's doing it on his own terms. Don't just take my word for it see for yourself. Make sure you don’t miss this young man next time he’s in action. Support your local boxing talent and gyms. Fight for boxing !

Follow Jordan “God’s Son” Jones on social media to get the latest updates to purchase his merchandise.

- Sean Hicks

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