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The world of boxing is completely crazy right now. I'm talking, Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear off crazy. Canelo didn’t fight on Mexican Independence Day. Matchroom Boxing is promoting a fight between two extremely annoying YouTubers and they already got more viewers at the first press conference than Canelo vs GGG 1 & 2 combined. Let that sink in folks... Plus, little known actually had a professional photoshoot with models. Yes, you heard me right. Canelo didn't fight on Mexican Independence Day! I'm still having withdrawals over that one. It’s been one of the wildest years in boxing that I can remember.

In all seriousness, we at took the great opportunity to do a Team photoshoot with one of the best photographers in the DFW area in Mr. Carlos Vincent of Carlos Vincent Photography.

It was a complete blessing, and we're so extremely thankful. We wanted to take sometime to share some of the images and interviews from this amazing project.

We invited several local models, fighters and trainers to the shoot and we couldn't have had a more amazing group to attend. Listed below are some of the awesome images of all that attended.

Listed below are the Team Photos consisting of Manny Marrero, Manuel " Hopper" Dominguez, Adriana Dominguez and me ( Sean Hicks).

Carlos Vincent Photography.

First, we have, Carmen Becerra an aspiring model from Dallas, Texas in her first model shoot ever. Regarding the shoot, Carmen stated " It's my first shoot. I'm a little bit nervous, and a little excited..."

Carlos Vincent Photography

Next, we have Carmen's sister, Fatima Becerra from Dallas, Texas making her model debut. Who is also a casual boxing fan stated: " I like Canelo, Danny Garcia, and Mayweather."

Carlos Vincent Photography

We also had, Francine Better MMA/ Muay Thi amateur fighter that is fighting out of the Ohana Warrior Gym at 525 W Arapaho Rd #18, Richardson, TX 75080. Who shared " I love my gym we're like a family..."

Carlos Vincent Photography

Finally, last and definitely not least we had, Ms. Renee Allen of Dallas, Texas.

Ms. Allen is an aspiring stuntwoman.

Here are some additional questions from, Ms. Renne Allen and her responses listed below.

Carlos Vincent Photography

Answers to the questions listed below...

  • Most challenging stunt to date?

  • Have you been injured ?

  • What’s the ultimate goal and measure success?

  • What keep you motivated?

  • What has being your proudest achievement to this point in your journey of being a stuntwomen?

Thanks again to everyone that participated, and we can't wait until the next shoot.

We hope to see you there. Special thanks to, Lily Ulloa Xicana Boxing for co-sponsoring the shoot. It's an honor to be partnered with you once again. Much continued success.

- Sean Hicks

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