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Just a matter of time - Kent Cruz

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

[ image credit: B & B Boxing]

Kent Alejandro Cruz professional boxer has all of the tools and measurements to be special in the sport of boxing. He is definitely one to watch. Let me tell you exactly why Kent Cruz is one to watch. He is only 27 years old and currently has a record of [ 15W - 0L - 1D, 9KOs]. He stands at 5’feet and 10½″ tall with a long reach of 71½″ fighting in an orthodox stance in the lightweight. / 140lbs. division. Not to mention Kent’s cat like reflexes to quickly strike his opponents with precision and efficiency at any moment.

While all of these are all extremely impressive measurements, and attributes to have in boxing. Still that isn’t what makes Kent Cruz one to watch and a fighter on the rise. Don’t worry I’ll get to that part. 

Kent moved from Rhode Island to Saint Louis, Missouri when he was 10 years old.

At age 11 at while visiting the Cherokee Recreational Center, Kent found his true calling of boxing. Kent couldn’t believe what he was watching. 

“I was so amazed that you could fight, and not get in trouble.“ Kent Cruz 

Kent’s inspiration in the boxing ring is none other than Puerto Rican Hall of Fame icon, Felix “Tito” Trinidad. 

Kent who is also an extremely proud Puerto Rican that loves his heritage and Puerto Rican roots. Kent wants to continue that proud tradition, and legacy of great Puerto Rican fighters in boxing.  Kent had success early and often in the amateurs earning an impressive record of [84W—11L]. Each fight win or loss only helped motivate him to continue to get better every single day in boxing. 

He earned 3x Saint Louis Golden Gloves Champion, 2x National Regional Champion. Kent also placed 2nd in the National Pal Tournament in 2009. His proudest moment as an amateur was earning his bronze medal in the under 19 National Tournament in 2010. 

All very impressive still not what makes, Kent Cruz special and one to watch in boxing. Just be patient we’ll definitely get there. I got you ! Don’t worry. Here is another quote from, Kent Cruz. 

“I will always preform at my highest expectations and ability. Very grateful to be a professional boxer, and grateful to people helping along the way. “ - Kent Cruz 

Kent is ready to do whatever it takes to break into the top 15 ranking in any 4 of the sanctioning bodies. Kent is determined to make his mark. 

Here is another quote from, Kent Cruz for his fans. 

“For all my fans that have been patient and been with me, man. I appreciate you guys. I’ve got nothing but love for you guys. Just keep following me, man. I’m going to get there. Everyone knows I got the talent. I’ve got the skill set. It’s about putting me in the right fights.” Putting me in the right networks, man. It’s just a matter of time.”  - Kent Cruz 

Kent is also a very proud father and motivated to fight for his son and help provide his family with a better life. 

Okay, here is what you've been waiting on the reason why I'm so excited about Kent Cruz. What do I think makes Kent Cruz so special and one to watch ? Well, everything you’ve read and so much more. You’ll just have to see it in person to truly understand. This young man fights with true passion and heart. Kent brings it 100% every single time out. 

If you don’t believe me you’ll just have to see Kent Cruz in action and see for your self. Like I always say “ I can show you better than I can tell you.” Kent will definitely show you that he’s ready. 

Make sure you follow Kent Cruz on social media on his journey. 

kentcruzofficial on Instagram 

Sean Hicks

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