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Forgive me father, for I have sinned. This is my confession.

I’ve been down on the sport of boxing lately. The politics and bullshit have never

been more glaring than present time. The inability to finalize Spence vs Crawford

crossed over to mainstream news outlets and had me reeling as if I’d just received

a Miguel Cotto liver punch! (Salud Manny!)

(Also, hate to break it to you, the Tank Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight has about as

much chance as you do being Gisele Bundchens rebound guy.)

So while the sport of boxing continues to shoot itself in the foot, every so often,

the stars align to deliver hardcore boxing fans a GEM! On November 26 th , the

highly anticipated WBC Super Lightweight Championship fight, between #1

Ranked Jose ‘Chon’ Zepeda (35-2, 27 KOs) and #2 Ranked Regis ‘Rougarou’

Prograis (27-1, 23 KO’s, will take place live from ‘The War Grounds’, Dignity Health

Sports Park in Carson, CA.

A GEM!!!

But before we get there, lets take a good hard look at both fighters. Ladies and

gentlemen, the return of:

The Fighters Meeting!!

Jose “Chon” Zepeda

From: Long Beach, California

Record: 35-2 with 27 KO’s Height: 5’8’’

Reach: 70.5” Stance: Southpaw


LEFT HOOK: Zepedas biggest strength is his left hook! Any variation of it.

To the body, to the head but also LETHAL as a counter punch. The counter

left hook is what got him back in the fight against Baranchyk and was also

the punch that eventually finished him.

TEXTBOOK: When people say “work off the jab” that’s Zepeda. Jabs, then

throws a cross. Jabs then uppercut. Jabs then body shot. Textbook

definition of working off the jab.

TRAP SETTER: Sets great traps! Ask Josue Vargas. Will sit back and look

to counter or will throw a feeler bait jab and follow it up with the overhand

left. Also set a good trap that finished Baranchyk.

Heart: All you need to see, is his fight against Baranchyk. Zepeda will not

be an easy out. He has that Mexican style coursing through his veins!

When hit, he immediately wants to return fire!


Guard After Punching: MAJOR HOLE!

Zepeda tends to pull straight back with his hands extended. Big no no!! Not only

that, but he has a bad habit of throwing his jab then keeping it low. That made his

fight vs Hank Lundy much harder than it needed to be. Took a lot of unnecessary

left hands from Hank Lundy. Not ideal when up against a talent such as Regis.

DEFENDING THE LEFT HOOK: Baranchyk landed the left hook almost

immediately! As soon as the bell rang! Baranchyk landed 3 of them before

he connected on a right hand that dropped Zepeda. It was the left hands

that scored the damage. He beat the count but ate two more left hands and

suffered another knockdown. HE HAS TO BRING HIS RIGHT HAND UP


STATIONARY TARGET: Zepeda has very little head and hip movement.

From the feet up to the waist he’s good. Solid footwork. But his hips and

head stay much too stationary for my liking. Also has a horrible habit of

walking back when he should tie up. Big no no against heavy punchers.

Sometimes when the exchanges start and Zepeda puts himself out of

position. He’ll walk backwards instead of tying up.

Regis “Rougarou” Prograis

From: New Orleans, Louisiana

Record: 27-1 with 23 KO’s Height: 5’8’’

Reach: 67” Stance: Southpaw


FAMILIARITY: Regis has plenty of experience against fellow Southpaws. Zepeda

will be his 4 th out of his last 5 fights against a southpaw. (McKenna, Redkach and

Josh Taylor)

Versatile: Regis has multiple styles of fighting. He can be aggressive like he was

against McKenna or a cautious boxer-puncher like when he fought Redkach. Regis

possesses a vast array of fighting styles.

DEFENSE: Incredible defense! Very high guard. Hip and head movement in sync.

Great anticipation of incoming punches. Mongoose style.

FAST AND POWERFUL: Very fast hands. Every punch is quick. Jab is

blazing. Hooks are lazers. Uppercuts are rockets! Also has dynamite power

in both hands! Regis has 23 knockouts in 27 fights. His power is


COMBINATION PUNCHER: What makes Regis a nightmare, is that on top of

his fast hands and power, he’s also a great combination puncher. Once Regis

starts feeling himself, the punches come in bunches!



Bully the Bully!!! Regis is extremely uncomfortable when being pressured or

fighting on the inside. Josh Taylor won the fight by basically standing in front of

Regis and fighting inside. Roughing Regis up. McKenna had his best round in the

5th when he let his hands go and turned it into a phone booth fight. After that

Prograis decided to fight off the back foot in Round 6.


Josh Taylors long stiff jab gave Regis fits. Yes, Josh Taylor was an undisputed

champion, but Zepeda is world class himself! Taylor has a 69.5” reach. Zepeda has

an even longer reach at 70.5”!! Zepeda like Taylor works off the jab incredibly

well. If Zepedas jab is on point, Regis might have to resort to Plan B sooner than



For someone as well rounded as Regis, it was surprising to notice that his counter

punching leaves a lot to be desired. Below average. In his defense, the man has 23

knockouts out of 27 fights so not a lot of need to counter punch. But at the elite

world class level, every aspect counts. Zepeda is a very good counter puncher!

Zepeda wins if: He jabs, jabs and jabs some more. Take a page from Josh

Taylor. Use that long reach to keep Regis at bay. Once the jab is established work

off it. Mix it up inside every now and then. Tie up and reset. Work the body to

take away some of Regis mobility. Don’t get lazy on defense. Bank some rounds in

the bag and head back to the jab. Force Regis to take risks. He may be susceptible

to a counter left hook.

Regis wins if: He lands the overhand left early. Force Zepeda to prove he can

defend it. Unlike in his previous fights. Stay elusive defensively throughout the

duration with the constant head and hip movement. Regis can comfortably box

his way to a victory if he avoids any traps Zepeda sets.


I’ll always keep it real. My mind and my wallet say bet on Regis Prograis to win by

knockout. BUT…. Being the proud and loyal Mexican-American, I will always ride

with La Raza. Make no mistake about it, Zepeda CAN win this fight, he just has to

try a little harder than Regis does.

Zepeda by Majority Decision.

Viva Mexico!

Article Written By:

Hopper Dominguez

@ManuelDStayTru on Twitter

@ghopper12 on Instagram

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