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Dickie Cole WBC Lifetime Acivement Award

Story originally appeared on on December 21, 2014

On a weekend with a lot of star power in the world of boxing last Saturday. One of boxing's living legends from Texas shined brighter then the lone star on the Texas state flag. That's right ! Dickie Cole was being honored at the 2014 WBC Convention in Las Vegas. Dickie Cole received a well deserved " Life Time" Achievement award for all of his hard work and commitment to boxing. Dickie had become Head of Combat Sports Regulation in Texas back in 1993 until he retired earlier this year on April 30th after 21 years. He also had refereed and judged for over 29 years too. Now that's some serious longevity in boxing.

 Dickie Cole who likes to be referred to as Uncle Dickie by his family and close friends was very humbled by the honor by the award. In a brief conversation we had over the phone Dickie said " The WBC has always been very kind to me." He even referenced his late friend WBC President Jose Sulaiman, who past in February. Dickie said "Sure we disagreed but, I have disagreements with my wife too." Dickie also mentioned Mauricio Sulaiman, who  was elected earlier this year to succeed his father as the new WBC President. Dickie said " He's a sweetheart just like his Dad!" Also saying  "We all just love boxing !" "It was a great night and I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends."

Final Bell: Dickie who was actually attending a Christmas party at a boxing gym when we spoke over the phone. True story, I can't make that up. He was attending the Maple Avenue Boxing Gym re-opening/ Christmas party in Dallas. Dickie Cole truly lives, eats and  breathes boxing on a daily basis. He's absolutely devoted his life to being a mentor to hundreds of men and women to become judges, referees, promoters and even his eventual successor. Mr. Greg Alvarez the new Head of Combat Sports Regulation in Texas was discovered and mentored by Dickie for over 13 years prior to his promotion.

One of Dickie's close friends and protégées WBC referee Aladdin Martinez said quote " Dude! I'm proud of him!" Dickie has had a great influence on boxing in Texas and beyond & I am very happy to see him get the kind of acknowledgment he deserves. If you ever get the honor and privileged to meet Dickie you'll notice a gleam in his eye and a constant smile like he knows something we all don't. It's like Dickie's got it all figured out in life. Well, Confusions says - "Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." Yeah, that's probably it. Dickie has is all figured out.

A big Congratulations Uncle Dickie on your WBC Lifetime achievement award. Salute!

article by Sean Hicks

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