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Complete Fighter - Nestor Bravo

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The lightweight division is the hottest division in boxing today due to all of the phenomenal, young talent. Add the name Nestor Bravo to the list. 

Nestor Bravo  [18W - 0L, 13KOs] fighting out of Carolina, Puerto Rico is ready to take the boxing world by storm. Nestor started boxing at the age of 8 after Nestor’s father brought him to the boxing gym for the first time as a child. Nestor fell in love with the sport, and hasn’t looked back. 

Nestor’s favorite fighters of all time are Felix “Tito” Trinidad , Miguel Cotto and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. 

Nestor who stands 5’9” and fights in an orthodox stance trains at the School of Sports in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Nestor’s sparring with top talent like Subriel Matias, Gene Torres and Felix Santiago working hard to improve each day. 

Don’t let the extremely down to Earth laid back personality fool you either. Nestor the current WBC Latino Belt holder at 135lbs. is extremely aggressive in the ring with an appetite for knockouts. 

Nestor is a boxer puncher that likes to wear down his opponents with vicious body shots before going for the early stoppage. Nestor’s currently knocking out his opponents at a 72.22% rate. Don’t think Nestor is just a knockout artist either. Nestor is a very intelligent and just understands they don’t pay overtime in boxing. 

“I like to fight, you know. Get in there and get some good work in, you know. I feel really strong. We can box if we have to. If I get the hands in there where they need to be. I can get any guy out of there. Get the work in round by round and see how it goes.” - Nestor Bravo 

Nestor can definitely box too so, don’t think you’re going to outsmart this ambitious college graduate. Nestor was studying to be a lawyer before he decided to focus 100% on boxing after his 16th victory. 

Nestor really has embraced the idea of being a role model to the youth too. 

“Like, I said before. It’s not just about being a good boxer. It’s not just about being a world champion, you know. It’s about being a role model a good human being. A person that plays a good role in society, and the kids can look up to, you know.” - Nestor Bravo 

Message to the fans: 

“I would like to tell the fan base to keep supporting me. I work really hard to put Puerto Rico on the map in the world of boxing. I’m doing my best and I know sooner or later I will bring a world title to Puerto Rico, multiple ones if God permits, ya know. Put everything in his hands and hopefully everything will go well. Whatever you want to do in life you can do if you work hard.” Trust me its not easy. You can do it I support you all as well you support me. God bless, ya’ll. Team Bravo!”  - Nestor Bravo 

As crazy as it sounds Nestor Bravo currently isn’t signed by any promotional company. Yes, crazy I know... I’m confident that won’t be the case for much longer. 

Boxing has so many extremely talented fighters,  great stories and truly genuinely good people. Rarely you find someone that has the complete package. A truly complete fighter. 

Shout out to El Cano Loco for Cano Loco Sports for getting the word out on Nestor Bravo. I can’t wait until he returns to the ring. I don’t want to miss it. Make sure you don’t either. 

Follow Nestor Bravo on social media to make sure you don’t miss his future bouts. 

- Sean Hicks 

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