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Boxing Weekend Thoughts: Thumbs Up & Down Style

Updated: Sep 9, 2019


Random musings covering this past weekend’s boxing fights reviewed

in a Thumbs up/ Thumbs down style.

Thumbs Up:

Vasyl Lomachenko aka The Matrix aka Hi Tech aka one of the baddest active boxers regardless of weight class. The now unified WBC/WBO/WBA champion turned in a masterful performance. Albeit tougher than what most expected. (Most, not here) Vasyl went into enemy territory where the UK Fans are raucous and passionate for their fighters!

( video: Top Rank Boxing )

Defended his belt vs fellow 2012 Olympic gold medalist Luke Campbell in a high-level chess match. Loma just processes mentally faster than almost anyone and once he figures how you were conditioned to react; the aggression picks up. It’s like watching an artist paint a picture!

Thumbs Down:

Ramon Alvarez. Way down. I’ll include my other thumb and two toes!! The unprofessionalism from older brother of Canelo Alvarez was disgraceful. It’s one thing to agree upon a catchweight PRIOR to the fight, it’s another to decide on your own, one day prior to fight night. Not only did Ramon show up one hour late to the official weigh in, Ramon was almost 5 pounds overweight! Most states cancel fights when it’s that egregious. Diva quality from an entitled fighter living off his brothers’ coattails.

Thumbs Up:

Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara! The ever consummate professional Lara, had to be pissed over Ramon Alvarez’ actions. He remained calm, until the bell rang! Lara destroyed Ramon Alvarez in two rounds! Embarrassed him on national TV and quite frankly…GOOD! Ramon Alvarez had no business being the main event fighter in an alphabet title fight. With the win Lara picks up one of the WBA’s dubious belts. The “Regular” WBA Super Welterweight title. (The real champ is Julian “J-Rock” Williams.)

Thumbs Down:

UK Fans on social media. It would be unfair to paint all UK fans with the same brush. The ones that attended the sold-out Loma vs Luke tussle live in London, cheering for the rival after beating the hometown kid, are exactly what boxing needs! The ones commenting on social media with vile hate are not. Boxing fans in general are very territorial, support their countries fighters. But some of the garbage typed on social media message boards is distasteful. If a fight result impacts you that bad personally, might be time to check priorities.

Thumbs Up:

ESPN Ringside expert commentator, and former boxing great Andre Ward. Very well spoken. Takes you into the mind of a fighter. Points out angles descriptively for the viewing audience. He’s also very partial to roughhousing in the ring.

( video: Top Rank Boxing )

“I like the move with the elbow (by Campbell) you’re not trying to be dirty but you need to get respect. Let the referee warn you. This is a fight!” he said. I wonder why you feel this way Ward?! (Sarcasm, Ward was the king of in the ring roughhousing.)

Thumbs Down:

ESPN ringside expert commentator Timothy Bradley had a stellar underrated boxing career! He’ll forget more about boxing than I’ll ever know. But articulating thoughts on the fly during live TV is not his strong point. Not a smooth transition for former athletes of any sport. (See Jason Witten) “Lomachenko is going to move in for the kill” said Bradley early on. Not a bad assessment if it followed, A) Luke Campbell was hurt or B) Fight is in the Championship Rounds. Unfortunately for Bradley, it was Round 1 when Lomachenko had yet to land a punch. Que?!

Thumbs Up:

Luke “Cool hand” Campbell. It was another unsuccessful attempt by Luke towards claiming a major world title. But it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Luke performed admirably and was not just trying to survive. He happened to run into one of the generational talents

(Photo Credit: Matchroom Boxing)

and earned his respect. Loma was quoted in saying after that “Luke hurt me with body shots. He has great power.” As much as we want to see Lomachenkos next opponent, I’m curious to see where Luke goes from here. Luke Campbell will be a champion!

· Article written by:

· Manuel “Hopper” Dominguez

· @ManuelDStayTru

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