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9 to 1... A detailed look into Spence vs Porter

-Los Angeles-

9 to 1.

Those were the odds “Showtime” Shawn Porter was given to defeat rapidly rising superstar Errol Spence Jr. Some betting sites had Spence an 11 to 1 favorite, meaning bettors would need to fork over $1100 for a chance at winning life changing money: $100.

To put things in perspective, the National Football League enters Week 5 with high scoring wiz quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Indianapolis Colts. When kickoff commences, the Colts will be without Andrew Luck, who retired, an injured star wide receiver in TY Hilton, All-Pro linebacker Darius Leonard plus starters Malik Hooker and Tyquan Lewis. The Colts opened at about 9-point underdogs.

(LongLiveBoxing Pocast preview of Spence vs Porter)

Shawn Porter was not the Colt to Errol Spence's Chief. At worst he’d be a Ram, a Saint, a Seahawk or even Americas Team the Mighty Dallas Cowboys! (Yes, shameless plug.) Either way the disrespect from bookies was real and evident. None of it mattered to Shawn Porter.

“I’m blue collar, baby! We have to work for everything we get!” Shawn stated on a pre-fight episode of Inside PBC. “I’m not surprised I’m the underdog. When it comes to this, the betting odds are looking at it statistically than what can really happen.”

Say that again sir for the people up top!

After the first round I was worried. Shawn was boxing from the outside as opposed to his custom mauling and brawling style we all have been accustomed to seeing. It was eerily like his previous fight vs Ugas, one in which Shawn barely squeaked a decision by insisting on a “change to his approach.”

My worries were short-lived for the next eleven rounds were some of, thinking, thinking, no, THE best live pro rounds I’ve witnessed! The stakes were high. Two champions near their prime trading blows that have slept lesser men. The first third of the fight ended with Shawn methodical in his approach. Sticking a stiff jab but risking powerful Spence punches to land his own offense.

(image: Getty)

Spence maintained composed, his poker face giving no tells while landing lethal blows quick to answer any momentum Shawn gained.

Errol Spence Jr also swam at unfamiliar depths!

Shawn landed crowd reacting blows to Spence's head and body towards the end of round 7. Followed by a bull like 8th round corralled by matador Spence in the ninth and tenth.

The marginal separation of elite talents came in the eleventh round. The most critical exchange occurred as Shawn, by now in full attack mode, was clipped on the chin by a Spence left. His glove tapped the canvas. Referee Jack Reiss rightly ruled it knockdown. Momentum Spence!

(image: Getty)

Try as he might Shawn was unable to close the gap in the final round and possibly made matters worse as his aggression proved ineffective. When the final bell ended the 16,000 + in attendance screamed, stood and applauded! Their hard-earned money spent on tickets worth every penny!

The official scores were 116-111 for Spence, 115-112 for Porter and 116-11 for Spence. The split decision went Spence's way and he is now the Unified WBC/IBF Champion, improving to 26-0 with 21 KO’s. Shawn Porter drops to 30-3-1.

(LongLiveBoxing Pocast preview of Spence vs Porter)

My unofficial scorecard was 115-112 Spence. Seven rounds to five with a point deduction for the knockdown. My pre-fight prediction on our podcast was money! Split decision Spence. (Speaking of Podcast, be sure to tune in Thursday October 3rd for our second installment.)

The Errol Spence Jr/ Shawn Porter event was far from a mismatch. No matter how hard Vegas tried convincing you otherwise. This is Errol Spence Jr's. best win by far and he can now focus on other mega bouts in the welterweight division. In a perfect world, scratch that, in a different era, the Terrance Crawford fight would already be signed! But unfortunately, seeing how Danny Garcia climbed in the ring afterwards, a Spence vs Garcia fight may be on the horizon. Danny is a great fighter but is two fights removed from losing a clear unanimous decision to…. Shawn Porter! Spence vs Garcia does nothing on my fight meter!

If Vegas thought Porter was a 9 to 1 underdog, how massive will Danny Garcia's odds be.

Washington Redskin like?

  • Article written by: Manuel “Hopper” Dominguez

  • @ManuelDStayTru

  • Insta: GHopper12

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